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The road to Deputy Regional Manager

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Being able to offer people training and career progression opportunities is important to us at Environtec. If you’re thinking about changing careers, or embarking on a new one, it can be really helpful to hear from someone who has already done it, which is why we’ve had a chat with Chris Falato, who started working with us as a Senior Consultant, and has recently been promoted to Deputy Regional Manager.

Chris started working at Environtec back in 2019 as a Senior Consultant, having already gained past experience as an asbestos analyst and surveyor.

Quickly passing all sign off audits, he was utilised as a lead surveyor and analyst on more complex commercial projects with the Central office, carrying out all types of asbestos surveys, air monitoring, and four stage clearances. Following this, he then worked closely on a large project which initially began as a re-inspection of all previously identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and inputting the data onto the client’s new facilities management software.

While on site, it became apparent that the survey information was non-compliant, so the team were instructed to carry out new management surveys across the entire estate. Then they also managed the safe removal and remediation of any high risk ACMs present on site. This involved carrying out all types of surveys including the planning and scoping prior to the surveys. They also project managed asbestos removal works, writing removal specifications, walking removal contractors around the site in preparation for pricing/quoting, and all followed up by the analytical works, daily site management, and all 4 stage clearances… phew!

Having involvement in such a large project led to Chris being promoted to Contract Manager, which involved managing his initial client, as well as taking on a domestic housing contract and some work with the NHS. Chris says:

“The domestic contract was something new to me as I was used to working on large scale projects, so I had to quickly adapt my ways of thinking and working, with domestic work being smaller jobs, but with more sites involved.”

Being in the office more regularly allowed Chris to develop a close working relationship with Central Office Regional Operations Manager, Adam Lomas, who was able to assist him with career development and staff management skills.

“This resulted in me being able to offer more support for other managerial duties like assisting with the diary and planning of multiple surveys, working more closely with the admin team, and assisting with staff utilisation monthly targets – this all prepped me for my role of Deputy Manager of Central Office.”

Earlier this year, Chris was promoted to Deputy Regional Manager – very well deserved!

“I am very grateful to the support given to me by Adam, and for the trust and faith shown by Environtec by giving me this opportunity when they appointed me into this role”

“I am looking forward to the challenges ahead, and helping Central office, and, Environtec as a whole grow and develop further, and will work as hard as possible to repay the trust and faith that Environtec have shown me. It just goes to show that if you work hard and are committed, opportunities to progress are given by Environtec.”

We love to see our trained staff develop their skills and gain additional industry qualifications, progressing through the business. If you think you’d like to have a success story like Chris and want to make the most of our flexibility and fantastic training opportunities, please do get in touch.

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