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Roxel UK Rocket Motors


Asbestos inspection, surveys, management and removal


April 2019 -present


£240,000 (approx)

The client

Based in France and the UK, Roxel designs and manufactures solid propulsion systems and related equipment for all types of rockets, tactical and cruise missiles – used by air, sea and ground forces.

The project

Environtec initially supported Roxel with asbestos remedial and removal work within various buildings at its Kidderminster site. We played a key role at the planning and design stage of this programme and co-ordinated the project throughout, providing full-time analytical project management and consultancy. We also directly appointed the Licensed Asbestos Contractor, reviewed RAMS, provided site documentation and managed the removal contractor’s Supervisor and operatives on-site.

Key challenges and solutions

This was a complex project for a number of reasons. Firstly, the site contained live plant, machinery and equipment that included steam systems. There were also explosive and hazardous material risks. Additionally, staff and sub-contractors were occupying the site.

These factors meant that pre-planning and pre-start meetings were necessary to fully assess the work that needed to be carried out. This allowed us to create a working schedule that took into account safe access, vacating certain areas and isolating or clearing explosive or hazardous materials. Work had to be notified to HSE and had to be completed within agreed timescales, ensuring that day-to-work was not disrupted on a site that operates 24/7. Excellent planning, monthly progress meetings and regular communication with the client and the Licensed Asbestos Contractor ensured the work was completed successfully, both on time and in budget.

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